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Angela Moore

My name is Angela Moore and I founded Ink & Iron Creative with the dream of being able to help individuals and businesses like yours. Honestly, I grew so very tired of reading the same boring website copy, newsletters, and mundane product packaging, but I kept seeing that style as an industry standard. Absolutely tragic. I knew I wanted to change that. To do things a little different, but to still bring strong results in the end. 

When I am not typing up a storm, I love dirt bike riding, camping, scuba diving, working out, and spending time with my dogs. After spending most of my life traveling and living overseas in places like Hong Kong, Denmark, and Dubai I couldn't be happier to spend my time exploring my home in Central Oregon. 

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Angela Moore, Founder

Writer in Bend, Oregon

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Ink & Iron Creative specializes in Online Content and Copywriting, so think website copy (what you are reading now...copy inception! Spooky!), Product Copy, anything you read on your actual product, like labels or descriptions. Newsletters, Flyers, Ads, Sales & Marketing Materials, because communication is critical! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also a service we provide to help your current and potential customers find and interact with your business. Click the tab below to get the ball rolling on what Ink & Iron Creative can do for you.

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